A 10 legtöbb pontot kapott induló

Iceland you gotta step up your game.


angry meido


angry meido


i love car rides so much that i actually get disappointed when we reach our destination


As a kid I used to always be like ‘boo are we at the amusement park already’.

'i wanted to watch the man running next to the car some more his adventures were fun'


My section for the beautiful Yaoi Hands anthology zine. More info here


Here’s the DMMD version I’ve been selling out since AFAID 2014 and Comifuro 4 \(´▽`)/ 



Egyptian mythology is best mythology




cats can straight up do that double jump video game thing


cats can straight up do that double jump video game thing

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a discussion on sexual orientation
me: *explaining various sexual orientations to a classmate*
classmate: wait, what's polyamory?
me: well, it's when someone has more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved.
professor: *overhears from front of class*
professor: that is d i s g u s t i n g
me: *defensively* um, actually, no it's--
professor: how DARE they put a greek prefix on a latin root like that?! What right do they have to decimate my beautiful antiquated languages?!?! GREEK AND LATIN DO NOT FRATERNIZE THIS IS LIKE THAT STUPID ROMANTIC SUBPLOT BETWEEN THAT DWARF AND THAT ELF IN THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!
me: ....
me: ....
me: ....
professor: it should be polyerosy